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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  June 12, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a man is charged in the shooting death of a special ed teacher. details, in a *live report. police are looking for whoever put screws into slides at a southwest suburban playground. and the defense secretary and scroll bar lawmakers over swap. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm tonya francisco in for erin. >> nice to have been inside for a change. >> especially on a rainy day like today. >> it's foggy today we always get great reports. >> we just use the lighting but you guys laugh at me. >> early this morning we're talking about conditions which are changing. yesterday we had rain we saw over 3 in. at
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o'hare. a little over two for the month but basically all of it fell in the last 48 hours. to look, we're in between systems early on. a mix of sun and clouds with average high temperatures in the upper '70's and in some cases low 80s. widely scattered showers are possible as a cold front comes through. 57 degrees at the lakefront. 61 at o'hare. 62 in joliet. the remnant of the grain we saw, ipod is an issue. kirk visibility is half a mile. only three at o'hare. as to get further out to the counties, we have more fog. the careful today. the good news is we are dry. cold front makes its way
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through northwest wisconsin it arrives this afternoon with a potential for showers and even thunderstorms today. 76 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. tonight we're down to 53. tomorrow we make 73. fairly nice on friday. saturday 82. >> good morning. we have a few crashes to start off. one of them near diversity. 2650 north to south of diversity is serious crash. more details as to get that spirit of the other is the eisenhower heading outbound a car into the wall. other than that, dealing with overnight roadwork will have a full look at that coming up. >> a man has been charged with the fatal shooting of a special education teacher in the chatham neighborhood. randi belisomo is *live at 26th and california with more.
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>> good morning. a 23 year-old affiliated with the gangster disciples was attempting to shoot other gang members according to police but he shot and killed a woman instead. arrested by police in the south servant hotel where he was hiding a charged wednesday night with first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery. he lives in the 7900 block of salt said lawrence. the special education teacher was working at her second job at a realty office on east 79th street when shots were fired the bullets tore through the office wall. court records show he has been arrested several times in 2009 convicted of a felony for having an invalid firearm owners id card when arrested for carrying a gun. he will appear in bond corp. at noon. back to. >> police are looking for the
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person who tampered with playground equipment in oak lawn. authorities say someone drove ten drywall screws into two plastic slides at "memorial park," in a deliberate attempt to harm children. they were screwed into the bottom of the slides with the heads snapped off, leaving sharp pieces of metal. the screws were found last thursday, and immediately removed. >> there's no logical reason to do this are the schering person in the message or harming somebody? it's a criminal act. >> who would think that you would have to watch out for things like that. there are some things you have to look for but that's not one of those things you think of. >>no children were ever hurt. this is not first case of playground vandalism in recent months. in march, a 2-year-old boy cut himself on razor blades that were glued to playground equipment in east moline. razor blades were also found taped to playground equipment near philadelphia in april. congressman eric cantor is resigning his post as house majority leader, after his surprising loss in virginia's primary election.
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now, house republicans are looking for his replacement. andrew spencer has more. >> the house majority leader urged conservatives to stay united and its divisions between tea party and so-called establishment republicans. >> truly what divides republicans pales in comparison to what divides us as conservatives from the left. and for the democratic party. >> after a political newcomer beat him in the republican primary, he decided not to wait until the end of his term before resigning his post. >> i think he felt it was better for the party to finish up the business on the table right now and then as we go into the campaigns to have a new majority leader. >> he will resign effective july 31st. next thursday house republicans will hold an election by secret ballot to determine his replacement pete
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sessions hopes to take place, kevin mccarthy also expected to run. she will not run, choosing to stay as chair of the republican caucus. some see this as a sign of a rift in the republican party; a referendum. >> people are freshmen with elected officials votes and who are not listening to the people. >>defense secretary chuck hagel didn't back down, as he faced congressional questions about the controversial prisoner swap that secured the freedom of sergeant bowe bergdahl. five members of the taliban were let out of guantanamo prison in exchange for bergdahl's release. an intelligence report says there is a high likelihood that four of the five will return to the battlefield. but hagel insisted, they're not a threat to america. >> their focus will almost certainly be on efforts inside afghanistan. not homeland. >>c-n-n is quoting a senior
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u.s. official as saying bowe bergdahl's return to america has now been arranged. it's up to his medical team in germany to choose the *date for his trip home. it may be a long time before he is considered well enough to answer questions about leaving his post in afghanistan. the senate has endorsed a bill to let american veterans seek medical care from private doctors at government expense, if their local v-a hospitals can't treat them promptly. the house passed a similar bill earlier this week... the two bills will now be reconciled, before a final version is passed. the f-b-i now says, it is exploring possible *criminal charges against 69 v-a facilities that forced vets to wait months for treatment, and sometimes kept secret waiting lists to *hide those long waiting times. new trier high school is asking for state help in catching whoever has been stealing the identities of its teachers. more than 40 school employees, past and present, have been victims of identity theft. personal information was somehow stolen, and used to create phony cell phone and credit card accounts. school officials insist the
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school's own computer database is secure, and suggest the data may have been stolen from *outside the school. a chief keef concert has been canceled due to security concerns. it was scheduled for saturday night at the olympic theater in cicero. police feared chief keef's presence could cause chaos and violence. officials in harvey also stopped an attempt to have the show moved there. the rapper, whose real name is keith cozart, has been linked to a gang feud ... and has several gun and drug arrests. a young black bear is making the rounds in illinois... and hes been covering a lot of ground. there have been at least seven sightings of the bear in western illinois over the past couple of weeks. the latest was yesterday in dekalb county. wildlife experts say its a male bear, most likely from wisconsin and he's probably looking for a mate. they're warning residents to keep their distance. >> eyes sought the bear eating outside it wild animal. they say just watch it from a distance. >>the sightings began in
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stockton memorial day weekend. officials have mapped sightings around rockford in boone county and near belvidere. cook county sheriff's deputies who were carrying out an eviction in a south side apartment, got quite a surprise! a smiling alligator greeted them from an aquarium in the dining room an apartment in the 82-hundred block of south vernon. the crew is used to seeing broken furniture... but not 13- inch gators. the owner was not charged. animal control took the reptile away. surveillance video has been >> we continue to see falk it should be around today. just a remnant of the rain this all over the last few days. over 2 in. of rain over a two day total. elsewhere we saw a much more. 64 degrees in kankakee. in gary its 62. here are the visibility's. small numbers of
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changes. anywhere between half a mile and 2 mi. of visibility. use your low beams if you get caught in a dense fog. sublets composite shows we are dry but here is the cool front making its way today bringing us the potential for showers and storms. that will taper off into the evening. 80 degrees is a high temperature today. tomorrow, 74 under a cold front temperatures will drop a bit spirit saturday 81 a forefathers' day into the 80s chance of showers and storms. >> coming up, learning new details on a threat made by the loss biggest sugar to at&t worker in indiana. >> and where the teenager got the weapons used in the school shooting in oregon. and the fed to make a big bust in a strip club scam targeting rich men. >> and by an elderly man is
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thankful for pooper-scoopers.
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surveillance video has been released of the shootout between las vegas police and a couple accused of killing three people. take a look at this video from a
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walmart where police cornered this couple on sunday. investigators initially said amanda shot her husband, before killing herself. they now say the bullet that killed jerad came from a deputy's gun. police say the millers, who were mayor but from indiana, harbored anti-government views. jerad was arrested several times in indiana. now were are learning his driver's license was confiscated when entered nevada, after moving there in january. it had been suspended in indiana, where jerad reportedly threatened a d-m-v worker saying he would shoot anyone who tried to arrest him for it. investigators in troutdale, oregon say the high school student who shot and killed a classmate and injured a teacher, got his guns at home. freshman michael padgett killed fellow student emilio hoffman... another shot grazed a gym teacher... then padgett took his own life. next to his body at reynolds high school were an ar-15 rifle, a handgun, a knife, and nine loaded ammunition magazines. four strippers in new york are charged with stealing more than 200 thousand dollars from rich men. police say the four dancers, and the owner of this club, schemed to *drug the men at upscale restaurants, take them
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to the strip club, then use their credit cards to run up expensive tabs. the victims were primarily doctors, lawyers and finance professionals. all five suspects pled not guilty. many of the rescuers you see on the news wear a badge. but this one -- carries a pooper scooper. they say it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. but one family is glad that "someone" is gary cox. carol clouse was at the grocery store when her 96-year-old father decided to go for a walk. he fell near their home and severely injured himself. luckily cox was just next door... taking care of "business"... when it happened. >> when i got there he was face down i had to rollover those a lot of blood on his arms i took off my undershirt and wrapped it around his arms. >>the man got about 30 stitches at the hospital, but is already up walking around. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> they have their own logo and their own trucks.
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>> they need a badge. >> they have one. >> i think they have a good union. it's a good job. >> after that he's gone for the day. 61 degrees right now. it's called out there the rain that was all yesterday is out. we do have potential for fog early. the numbers are dropping a bit here of the current temperatures. those numbers are close to the dew point temperatures which means if you have that saturation early on. visibility is low. that's when it starts to slow down and half a mile as you look towards o'hare it's not too bad. 7 mi. in bartlett. dekalb is trading only at 2. that fall will be here through the early morning. it will burn off after the sun comes up. satellites composite
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shows a cold front here is the top edge moving through northwest wisconsin. it gets here this afternoon. in line of showers and thunderstorms why the scattered popping up all the rain moves to the east tonight and into tomorrow we are on the front side of the high-pressure which means sunshine temperatures still cool only in the '70s. today we make 80 degrees rain this afternoon. to its low 53 clearing skies cool and quiet overnight. tamara's has 74. sunshine. saturday's a keeper at 82. warmer for father's day chance of rain. but go to traffic. >> just kidding new word on the crash told you about on narragansett. two people are dead after a crash of a single vehicle with five people inside that hit a brick wall. two confirmed dead, three critical.
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we will have more information as to get the for now this is blocked off for the investigation from schubert. otherwise, overnight roadwork the closures near the circle. in bound kennedy blocked off west bound to 90 until 5:00 a.m.. in bound dan ryan to eastbound to 90 closed until 5. >> coming up, we look at the myths surrounding gas mileage. >> and new rules for electronics cigarettes. we can and cannot light up. >> and next in sports -- the kings try and crown themselves stanley cup champs in new york. we'll have highlights. hey marcus! >> the world cup starts today. who you have? >> brazil. >> they go. not the u.s.? we are going to get you ready for the world cup. maybe you are not as soccer savvy as your friends i have 10 things to tell you that
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can impress your friends. that's coming up.
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♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. good morning. beginning with the chicago bears, the panthers' second round pick out of notre dame five years ago was picked up by the bears to compete for a
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spot. the bears' workout wednesday in lake forest trying to get a grasp of this system he starred in only 10 games in four years at carolina. picked off nine times he impressed the bears at their work out so he got a shot. the first order is to study the playbook. >> competition brings out the best in people on looking for to competing the only way i can is on offense or have to keep speeding that up and each day come in and work hard. >> it's exciting. obviously came to chicago a lot in college so i know a few people in town but it's a great opportunity that's all i can ask for. go out each and every day and compete and work hard. >> in hockey, the kings try to nail down the rangers. readers
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up there on the move. making the rebound shot and its two-zero. two minutes later, the kings comeback. turnover at the blue line brown comes in all alone. but the goalie is perfect with 39 saves the force became 5 with 2-1 win. >>and in baseball --- the white sox slayed the detroit tigers at u-s cellular field -- 8-to-2... scoring 7 runs in the 6-th inning. and the cubs lost to the pirates in pittsburgh -- 4-to-2, in the third of a four-game series. stocks ended in the red wednesday the dow dropped 102 points nasdaq and s&p fell six. whole foods has passed the first hurdle to build a store in lake forest, despite objections from some residents at a hearing last night.
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they are angry that whole foods plans to cut down 4-hundred trees on the proposed property. it would be the largest tree removal in the city's history. the lake forest plan commission still voted to pass the project onto the full council for approval. the c-t-a is banning e- cigarettes on its trains and buses, and on its el platforms and subway stations. the c-t-a board passed the ordinance yesterday. it'll still be legal to use e- cigarettes at c-t-a bus stops. in april, the city of chicago banned e-cigarettes in most indoor public places, including restaurants and bars. many people are looking for ways to save at the pump--- but there's some common gas mileage myths to steer clear of. one of the most common, is that smaller the cars have better mileage. experts say--of the 20-14 models-- the most fuel efficient vehicles are midsize or large cars. another myth is that premium gas helps with mileage. but that's only true for cars that are specifically designed for premium gas. and lastly, manual transmissions get better mileage than automatics. there's actually no difference between the two.
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>> i did not know that. >> that got me. >> and that king about leaving your windows up. people say if you have your windows up to get better gas mileage. >> i think you are making that up. >> i don't usually make up stuff until lease for 40 5:00 a.m.. >> that might be an interesting weather hit. >> let's take a look. >> demetrius always nails it. >> 100 percent accurate 50 percent of the time. here are the current temperatures. we are expecting fog early on. you can take that to the bank. 5:00 p.m. 76 degrees. chance of showers. potentially lenders storms for the midday. let's check out traffic. >> we do have a crash we're watching this morning everything
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is shut down in both directions on narragansett for the investigation of the crash. two people killed in the overnight hours. so is blocked off in this area at least three others have been sent to the hospital. watch for the delays there. elsewhere we have the closure today and tomorrow. clark street bridge will be blocked off there are rerouting the no. 22 bus it's going to be blocked until friday in the evening as the work on the river walk. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour. including details and shooting at a catholic church that killed a priest. >> and the latest developments on extreme militant group taking over cities in iraq. >> and the mayor applauds hillary clinton on her dead broke, and. >> and another city battling for
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a man is charged with the murder of a special education teacher. details in a live report. >> police are looking for whoever put screws into a slide at a playground. >> and who might run in next week's secret ballot election for a new house majority leader. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce.
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and i'm tonya francisco in for erin. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. starting off with rain. >> brain edging in more rain into the afternoon. as the look outside we have temperatures in the low 60s. 63 in indiana. naperville greeting at 62. those showers are moving back into the region this afternoon as a cold front comes through. in glenview it's 57 degrees. visibility is on the low side. were down to a third of a mile in waukegan. the fog is very sick. give yourself some extra time. o'hare is at 3 mi. visibility. check ahead before you head out today. sublets composite shows we are try at this hour the cold front is moving through portions of northwest wisconsin it comes in this afternoon and there is
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potential for rain. 76 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. 9:00 p.m. we are dry. a warmer day high up to 80 this afternoon. 74 on friday sonny. saturday we made 81. on father's day is 84. >> two people are dead this morning and three others in critical condition after a crash on narragansett. a single car crash five people inside the car crashed into a brick wall early this morning. a lot of crews are on the scene. three people sent to the hospital in critical condition. the investigation continues. narragansett blocked off at shubert this morning for that investigation. main roads, a few lingering overnight road work projects that we will bring in the next few minutes but no major delays. >>a 23-year-old man has been charged with the fatal shooting
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of a special education teacher in the chatham neighborhood. randi belisomo is *live at the courthouse with more >> good morning. a 23 rolled affiliated with the gangster disciples was attempting to shoot other gang members police say but, he shot and killed betty howard instead. he was arrested by police in the south suburban hotel where he was hiding and charged with first- degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery. he lives in the 7900 block of south st. lawrence. the special education teacher was working at another job in a rickety office and the 700th block of east 79th when the shots were fired and bullets tore through the office wall. court records show the suspect has been arrested several times convicted of a felony for having an invalid firearms owner id card when arrested for carrying a gun. he will appear in bond
4:33 am
corp. at noon today. back to you. >> but in breaking news this morning. two people have died in the crash on the northwest side. >> america joins us live with the latest. >> good morning. this is still a developing story out here. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. it happened in a strange place where behind a shopping center here where the car crashed into what appears to be a brick wall, two people have been killed three others taken to an area hospital. fire department had to actually cut them out of the car to get them out. we are told they are in critical condition at this point. the crash happened around 3:00 a.m.. five people were in the car that collided with a brick wall. it happened in a very strange place. this is
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not a heavily traveled road. this is a road behind a shopping center near narragansett and grand. no ages or names of the victims. a developing story. police are still trying to reconstruct this accident try to figure out what happened. we'll be here all morning as soon as we get more information we will update you through the morning. back to you. >> a militant group, considered too extreme by al-qaeda, is swiftly taking over iraq. militants from the "islamic state in iraq and syria" -- or "isis' -- have already seized control of the city of mosul. they took over tikrit yesterday... but the iraqi army says it has since reclaimed the city. many iraqi soldiers are abandoning their posts, rather than fight. they say, american troops were pulled out of iraq before the iraqis could be fully trained to take over the defense of their own country. iraqi leaders are asking for
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u.s. military airstrikes against the militants. eric kantor stepping down after the surprising loss in the primary election. he will resign the end of july. but he will still serve out his term as congressman. house republicans are looking for a replacement. congressman pete sessions hopes to take its place. >> to lead what divides republicans pales in comparison to what divides us from the left and the democratic parties. >> he felt it was better for the party for him to finish up the business on the table right now and then as you go into late in the day and the campaign to have a new majority leader. >> house republicans will vote by secret ballot next thursday. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police are looking for the person who tampered with playground equipment in oak lawn. authorities say someone drove ten drywall screws into two
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plastic slides at "memorial park," in a deliberate attempt to harm children. they were screwed into the bottom of the slides with the heads snapped off, leaving sharp pieces of metal. the screws immediately removed, and no children were hurt. defense secretary chuck hagel insists, five top taliban detainees, traded for sergeant bowe bergdahl, are not a threat to america. the taliban members were in gitmo prison until recently, for waging attacks on american soldiers. but hagel told a house committee, he believes the newly released prisoners will focus their efforts on pakistan and afghanistan, not america. a young black bear is making the rounds in illinois and hes been covering a lot of ground. there have been at least seven sightings of the bear in western illinois over the past couple of weeks. the latest was yesterday in dekalb county. wildlife experts say its a male bear, most likely from wisconsin and he's probably looking for a mate. a chief keef concert has been canceled due to security concerns. it was scheduled for saturday night at the olympic theater in cicero. police feared chief keef's presence could cause chaos and
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violence. officials in harvey also stopped an attempt to have the show moved there. the rapper, whose real name is keith cozart, has been linked to a gang feud ... and has several gun and drug arrests. police in phoenix, arizona are looking for lead, after someone shot and killed one priest, and critically injured another. it happened last night at the mother of mercy mission catholic church. a survivor of the attack told police, it started as a burglary. police haven't released the names of the priests. they say, a green mazda tribute, belonging to the church, was stolen and later abandoned. one of the girls in wisconsin accused of luring a friend into the woods and stabbing her 19 times has been ordered to have a mental evaluation. the judge says the second girl may have to undergo a mental evaluation later. the two 12-year-old girls are being charged as adults for attempted murder. investigators say the girls confessed to stabbing their friend impress an online, fictional character. their attorneys are trying to move the case to a juvenile court. their victim is out of the
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hospital and still recovering. attorneys for the boston bombing suspect, want to move their hillary clinton sat down with the mayor for a political discussion. the packed house listened to her address a range of topics including foreign- policy and feminism. mayor tried to get her to clean up the mess from an earlier interview where she implied the clintons' finances winter desperate times. >> i have been reading a lot about your kickoff or you're dead broke. really? >> that may not have been the most positive way of saying we have been through lots of different stages in our lives. that was then, this is now. >> afterward days focused on almost every subject possible except the question of whether she will or won't run for the presidency. she said earlier that she still has not made up
4:39 am
her mind. >> a new player in the star wars museum fight. the mayor of los angeles said his city wants to be the home of the new cultural arts center and museum. symphysis go and chicago are the major competitors. chicago is offering a big chunk of land near soldier field. a decision will be made this summer. >> after three years, linda rivera has finally found her prince charming... rivera's daughter lost the dog, named prince charming, in april, 2011. on monday, the "felines and canines" shelter got a call about a pug that was tied to a pole for hours near a laundromat in rogers park . a microchip in the dog helped identify the owner, and reunite prince with his 'grandmother.' and in baseball --- the white sox slayed the detroit tigers at u-s cellular field -- 8-to-2... scoring 7
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runs in the congratulations to the happy couple. the morning. >> we continue to see grain moving through the region later this afternoon. it's 61 degrees falk is an issue later but the section in you may need the umbrella because a cold front will move through. it's not a big cold front just a slight chance of a shower or store. only 30 percent chance. this is one of the cooler spots around the region. with the cool temperatures and rain saw yesterday there is potential for paul. they have some alarming numbers. here are the current temperatures. we are looking and visibility down only 1/3 of a mile. you'll have to be careful in lake county. can't see too far that's the bottom line. even on the flip side we have very low visibility. only 2 mi. in dekalb. not so bad for o'hare or midway. it will slow you down
4:41 am
by you can still get around there. looking at the cold front, moving through portions of wisconsin it doesn't arrive until lunch time it will be south and east by the evening meaning we have potential for scattered showers in the afternoon and early evening then we try out. tonight we go down to 53. maasai 74 saturday 82. >> still ahead, how you could be part of toronto's crack smoking mirrors story. >> and a kayaker is rescued on a trip across the the and trending this morning, a message for men when it comes to pregnancy. >> and 50 minutes of fame are not up yet. details on a movie?
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the first president bush turns 90 today ! george h-w bush plans to celebrate in maine tonight with a dinner for 200 family and friends, topped off with a performance by irish tenor ronan tynan. mister bush celebrated his 75th, 80th and 85th birthdays by skydiving. a production company in toronto is looking for a lead, for a stage production based on mayor
4:45 am
rob ford. there will be an open casting call monday for "rob ford the musical: the birth of a ford nation." applicants must perform a one- minute comedy monologue, and a song. they don't have to *look like ford. the mayor is currently in rehab, after admitting that he smoked crack cocaine while drunk. the new musical is set to open in september. you know you've made it when you get your own musical. >>here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... a 57 year old man had to be rescued by the coast guard after 11 days at sea in a kayak. the unidentified man was trying to make it from california to hawaii. he made a distress call after equipment on the kayak malfunctioned a about 60 miles out to sea. he had left monterey on may 30th, hoping to cross the pacific. the man had no reported no injuries. a message for expecting that ahead of father's day. she
4:46 am
wanted them to stop saying we are pregnant. she said there is no we in pregnancy. she said men are anything but pregnant. this was sent to music: a public- service announcement. >> hello. i've a very special message. >> she's expecting a baby she said men don't go through half as much as women do. she's just looking for support for the case. >> grumpy cat. set to star in her first movie called worst christmas ever appearing on the lifetime network. it's about a pet store can't continually overlooked and the girl who can communicate with her. taping has not started yet but is expected to be finished by the holidays. >> that is exciting.
4:47 am
>> of rivaling the true peterson movie and sure on the lifetime network. >> that would be great. let's look outside. we have temperatures renounce of 62 degrees. you will notice the dew point temperatures are the same as the parent temperatures their saturated and you will have a fog. that fog is pick up already in waukegan. the staff was laid down. it's 7 mi. and bartlett. 3 and 44 o'hare and midway. satellites composite shows rain coming after lunchtime slight chance of a share or a thunderstorm as a cold front moves through. it won't bring much rain but it will cool the temperatures down significantly. tomorrow we make 74. >> please continue to investigate a crash that happened around narragansett. everything is still shut down there. two people killed, three
4:48 am
critically injured and sent to the hospital. continue to expect delays there. that was a single car that hit a brick wall. dealing with a time closers near the circle with overnight roadwork. kennedy blocked until 5:00 a.m.. same story in bound dan ryan at 290. but about roosevelt as the alternate. >> good morning. at the world cup starts today. here in america we don't follow soccer as much as the rest of the world. i thought i would do a good service i went on the website where the talk about soccer all the time. i found some interesting facts so you can impress your soccer fan friends. take a look. >> the world cup takes place every four years. it began in 1930 making this year number 20.
4:49 am
just 17 he scored his first world cup goal in 1958 making him the youngest player to ever do so. brazil is the most successful team in world cup history they've won it all five times. as for the u.s., but have never won the trophy. if you're british friends laugh about that you can remind them that england has not won a world cup since 1966. soccer fans drink more than 200,000 gal. of beer at the 2010 world cup more than 2 million bottles. you may have heard, soccer is pretty popular. 715 million people watched the final match of the 2006 world cup between italy and france. just how big is this? adidas had a launch party to introduce this year's official ball. the 2014 world cup has a mascot. he's
4:50 am
modeled after the brazilian 3 banded armadillo is close to extinction. the website says he loves dancing to all types of music. >> twitter has tweet three letters of your favorite country and a little flag will caught up in your post. >> want to hear an annoying sound? here it is. you may remember that beautiful sound from south africa. brazil was looking to match that sound with these ... it's the official noise maker of the 2014 world cup. unfortunately they have been banned from most venues not because they are annoying. fans were throwing them on the field in early matches. against that
4:51 am
idea and did not shake out. >> that it. it all starts today. who do you choose? brazil? >> i think i'm going to go with mexico. >> interesting. maybe germany? >> i just randomly picked a country. coming up, the driver charged in the treaty morgan crash is in court. >> and paula dean is back in a >> and paula dean is back in a big way. details up next. copper for the truck driver who
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4:54 am
plowed into the limo bus and critically injuring tracy morgan was in court. he pleaded that guilty to all counts stemming from the crash on the new jersey turnpike. prosecutors say he had not slept more than 24 hours before the accident morgan is still in the hospital. paula deen is making a comeback... the celebrity chef is launching her own internet-based network, coming in september. it will be a paid subscription service with deen delivering her southern recipes and cookingdeen lost her contract with the food network last year amid after she admitted to using
4:55 am
a racial epithet in the past. she later apologized. >> continue to see falk that fall will linger through the morning after that some sunshine cold front will bring the potential for showers and storms. today's high temperature is 80 after the front moves through we cool down a bit 74 friday. saturday 8184 on father's day with the chance of showers and storms. really want to start next week. >> update on the crash of narragansett we have been seeing this morning. this is just south of diversity. for people are confirmed dead in a single car crash. five people inside one is injured at the hospital. eric is live with more details coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up, an arrest is made in the killing of a special ed teacher. >> the latest in the donald sterling saga and the sale of
4:56 am
the clippers. and who is better at multitasking? men or women? the answer is next.
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